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A service offered by sports doctors

Home sample collections - blood and urine

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GYM Doctor™ is a private and confidential service offered by Regent Street Clinic™ - private medical clinics across the UK.


Since 1998 Regent Street Clinic™ has been supporting elite athletes and sports men and women with bespoke health tests using the latest laboratory methods and techniques to provide tailored results, aimed at optimising health and performance.


Our team of medical doctors have a special interest in health and fitness. They are available full-time to interpret the results and to advise on the best management of each individual case, in a non-judgmental and patient-centred manner.


We work with a number of consultant specialists, functional medics and sports physicians across the country.


Our aim is to empower people with knowledge about their individual health status and to encourage people to train hard, to be safe and to stay ahead.

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How it works

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3. View results 

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Find out what condition you are really in

Blood and urine tests from home

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e-m:                                                        t: 0800 583 3331

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Click on the video below to see how easy it is to take your home finger prick sample

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Health & Fitness Tests


Choose from our basic level, advanced level or superscreen assessments.


GYM Doctor™ has been offering medical support and advice to athletes, competitors and sports enthusiasts for 20 years.


Our health screens aren't just for athletes, they are for EVERYONE interested in their health and wellbeing.